What is happiness?

  • Peace?
  • Living for the moment?
  • Contentment?

Are you going through life chasing after things? When you get that thing do you go chasing after something else?

Do you look to external things to make you happy? Do you think that external things will make you happy?

What makes you happy? What stimulates you?

Do you look for different sources of stimulation?

  • Drugs
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

Drugs, smoking and alcohol will fail to give you happiness long term and they can also be damaging to health and can be costly.  They are temporary stimulants which your brain will call out for more stimulation for example for a drug addict, they will keep going back for more because when their stimulant wears off and they do not feel that peace after the high, they will seek more of the stimulant to feel happiness again. For some, they go on to trying other drugs which can have fatal consequences. For others, they realise the stimulant is not fulfilling their need for happiness so they may stop as their brain tells them it’s pointless continuing in this way or they go seek other stimulants which could be smoking cigarettes and/or drinking alcohol. Some people simply stop looking for stimulants and seek other ways whether this be watching a movie or making efforts to seek out what will truly make them happy in their life. What most people are looking for that moment of peace that happens after any stimulation whether that be the news of a promotion at work, having a child, use of substances, when you get that peace, freedom and contentment in life without relying on stimulants to make you happy, then you have truly  reached a place of happiness in your life.


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