What we do

Delivering Excellence in You

Welcome and thank you for considering True Meaning – the hub that will give you new ideas that will fuel you to fulfil your aspirations and goals.

True Meaning is an innovative coaching, tutoring and mentoring service that support you to identify the true meaning of what matters most to you. True Meaning work in collaboration with students to deepen understanding, raise self-awareness and encourage self-direction by making you realise your full potential to achieve a truly meaningful life. We will support you to gain transferable skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s world. True Meaning is committed to promoting development by discussing  life topics in a personal, engaging and enjoyable way.

True Meaning was founded in 2015 by Lillian Livingston a graduate in Business and Management at Sussex University.  Lillian has over 10 years experience learning and development and a strong quality management background. Lillian is passionate about self-development and has focused on coaching that leads to effective life development.