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Your Thoughts

There is no universal definition for critical thinking.

Critical thinking is an essential tool you should make time to master, such skills are invaluable if you are concerned about the true meaning of your beliefs and it will aid you to live life to the fullest by realising your true potential and your purpose in life. 

What are your beliefs?

Are you able to find definitions of critical thinking that are in line and contrary to your beliefs?

Can you confidently evaluate these views?

Can you convince others of your point of view?

Can you give plausible and clear reasons for believing what you believe?

Do you sometimes read arguments in the newspapers, hear them on the television, or in the pub and wish you knew how to confidently evaluate them?

True Meaning will provide you with tools to help critically evaluate theories and models and change your mind set so you are equipped to critique your thoughts in your personal and work life.

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